The Corona Dilemma: What’s It All About?

the corona dilemma
Corona Dilemma Book 2020

The world is facing a Corona Dilemma.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything we know about life and completely revolutionalised the way we see the world.


Thousands of people have lost family members and friends to the virus. Millions of people have lost their jobs.


Once buzzing industries (such as tourism and aviation) have virtually disappeared from the commercial map.


Self-isolation and quarantine have driven thousands into depression.


Could there possibly be a way for us to go back to the way it was – the ‘old normal’? Yes.


Should we do it? Absolutely not.


Scroll down to see my infographic and my new video on what it’s all about.


If we were to go back to the old normal, it would mean we would have learnt nothing from the pandemic.


Rather, we would remain exposed to a future global catastrophe.


The entire purpose of my book, ‘The Corona Dilemma: 20-20 Thinking for the Next Normal’ is to place humanity on a path of creative difference: changing the way we see the world to become stronger people and thrive in what I call the next normal.


What is the Corona Dilemma?

At its core, the Corona Dilemma is a problem we face that is occasioned by an event – which I call a corona event.


That corona event might be the COVID-19 pandemic, but it doesn’t have to be.


It could be anything (ranging from the most serious to the seemingly less serious), such as:

  • the death of a loved one
  • getting fired from your job
  • an inspirational holiday
  • stubbing your toe on a rusty nail
  • eating a mind-blowingly tasty hamburger

There are people who go about their everyday lives all the time, until they experience something that turns their world upside down – and forces them to change.

They reassess their values and determine what’s important to them: their loved ones, their friends, their freedom (and, of course, their beloved pets).


Once you travel down that road, there’s no going back.


Corona Dilemma Infograph: experiencing a corona event

Let me tell you a story about a man named Joe.


Joe was a pilot – one of the most well-renowned pilots in his industry. He flew Airbus A380s, the world’s largest passenger aircraft, and had travelled to almost every continent in the world.


When COVID-19 took its toll, he found himself standing at a place he never thought he’d end up: at the end of an unemployment queue.


He hasn’t worked in a stable full-time job since March 2020. He was financially distressed and became mentally unbalanced. He thought his life was over.


But it wasn’t.


The pandemic was a “wake-up” call for Joe. He looked around him and thought: what have I been doing this whole time? He realised what really made a difference in his life.


His family. His kids. His time. His freedom.


He used the time to watch his son celebrate his sixth birthday.


Spend time with his lovely wife.


He even started his own business building and selling flight simulator systems that people could use at home while in lockdown.


He taught himself things he had never known before and, today, he’s landed an amazing as a flight operations coordinator for a major international airline.


How does the Corona Dilemma arise from a ‘corona event’?

The ‘corona dilemma arises from these life-changing events because it forces you to make a choice:

  1. Resist any change and go back to the ‘old’ normal; or
  2. Do things differently and embrace the ‘next normal’.

No amount of ‘old normality’ is going to save us from from a life of insecurity and misery. You could, theoretically, follow the crowd into the ‘next normal’ by doing the way you’ve always done things.


Or: you can think differently and emerge from the ashes a ferocious, invincible phoenix that’s ready for anything.


But the only way can get there is one way: through creative difference.


And how can we get creative?


20-20 Thinking: A New Way of Thinking

In my book, I’ve come up with a concept called 20-20 Thinking.


It’s the ability to muster together creative ideas by drawing connections between “things” that have even the remotest of associations.


It’s looking at all areas of your life, drawing them together and coming up with a blueprint of how you are going to live your life.


I’ve put this into practice myself.


I went on a life-changing assignment to Vanuatu. I was working for the public service. It was there I had my ‘corona event’.


I wanted to spend more time with my loved ones, but I also wanted a job that made a real difference.


I took everything together in my life and figured out what my new values were.


The result?


I returned home and – within two months – I became the Head of Safety for Qantas Airways – the safest airline in the world.


20-20 thinking infrograph

But I get it.


The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t exactly a trip to Vanuatu.


Pre-pandemic life will never come back..


Governments have been forced to re-evaluate policy. They’ve closed borders, rethought finance and completely re-evaluated all their priorities.


Creativity is going to be different this time.

The coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and the organizations we work for by looking at life and the world differently. Your life will not get better by chance alone, it will only get better through change.

And change starts with you.


New Video: Facing Your Corona Dilemma





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