Life after COVID-19: Seeing the World Differently

Life after COVID-19 will be shaped by right we do right now – and what we must do is look at our world differently. Seeing opportunity in chaos.


When crisis hits, opportunities abound. We’re just wired in a way we can’t see them.


Across the world, people are seizing opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic they weren’t able to seize before.


Just check out these inspiring stories:

  • Pakistan was decimated by the crisis, especially those communities living in rural areas.

But that didn’t stop entrepreneur Maliha Khalid and her team from running Doctory, a hotline connecting remote patients to doctors in an instant. They launched the country’s COVID-19 hotline, and now play a critical role in saving people’s time, money and lives.

  • When the pandemic first hit, French chef Bertrand Hofman lost his job.

It was a devastating moment, but he used his time wisely. He perfected his baking skills and used the opportunity to open up his own brand new French patisserie in Perth, Australia.

  • Laotian Wood sculptor Vorachith Keoxayayong, whose community depends largely on tourism, was crushed hard by the pandemic.

But his loss turned into gain, when he was able to access a major finance project run by the World Bank. He accessed credit that was simply not available before – being previously forced to rely on high-interest loans in the past. His business – and his community – are now on the path to economic recovery.


If you’re not familiar with the “Corona Dilemma”, read our post here.


It’s the dilemma we face when we’re presented with our ‘corona event’: either choosing the path of least resistance and returning to “normal” or choosing to do things differently (the only real choice we now have).


We discussed how a concept called “20-20 Thinking” can help us rise out of the ashes, and help us to succeed.


So let’s go one step further.


How to see the World Differently (and Create Our Next Normal)


If we want to create our next normal, we must make the right decisions.


And to make the right decisions, everyone needs to think about the way they think – they need to think about their paradigm.


The concept of a ‘paradigm’ is simple: it’s the way an individual perceives the world – culminated by what we know, what we’ve experienced and what we believe.


For those of us who have experienced a “Corona Event” and taken on the challenge of the Corona Dilemma, we’ve reassessed our values, beliefs and the things in life that really matter.


That will change our core values, leading to a paradigm shift.


How do we adopt a paradigm shift?


How do you undo of a lifetime of thinking in the same way?


The answer is: embrace creativity.


You don’t need to be Steve Jobs or Elon Musk to do this.


Take a look at how some of these outstanding opportunities, choosing the alternate path and seizing creative opportunities out of the crisis:

  • The Atlantic Hotel, despite the pandemic, kept their visitors engaged by creating a Facebook virtual Easter Egg hunt, entertaining their customer base all while showing off their amazing views
  • A salon in Texas, who was forced to close its doors, openmed up an online boutique – and became “flooded with orders” the day the owners opened the business.
  • Independent toy chain Toy Barnhaus, forced to close its physical stores, started selling online for the first ever time because of the pandemic.

Forbes spoke about the “COVID-19 paradigm shift”: creating a “profound realignment across the globe, across industries, across economies and across populations.”


One of the most profound ways people are shifting their paradigms are by going online. One web designer told a U.S. news outlet that, when businesses shut down because of the COVID, customers were saying to him:

“I got the time. I got more time to sit at home and get my notes together, get my thoughts together, I’ve got my vision game. I want a website.”

I hate to quote from my own book … but, this is the secret to eternal youth:

Regather your kindergarten crayons, throw away your high school education and societal indoctrinations, and start re-thinking the way you thought when you were a child, from the perspective and advantage of having amassed a treasure trove of life’s experiences.

That’s how you change your paradigm and start thinking creatively.


That’s how you’ll never get old.


How do we make the right decisions?

When making a big decision, follow these five steps:

  1. Step back and create a time-space oasis – find out the right time to make the decision you need to make (for Southwest, it was after the no-fly order was rescinded);
  1. Identify the hazards – think about the ramifications of the decision;
  1. Assess the risks – can you deal with those ramifications? What is the risk of not making the decision, and can you deal with those?;
  1. Make the decision – the hardest step of all. Just, when you do it, make sure you’re in the right state of mind to make a rational decision; and
  1. Stand by the decision – especially if it’s one you can’t reverse.


If you’ve made a mistake in your decision, that’s completely fine. Just acknowledge you’ve made one, and change your mind.


So, where to next?

I discuss these concepts in further depth in my new book, The Corona Dilemma: 20-20 Thinking for the Next Normal.’


If we can start looking at the world (and aviation) differently, it’s only then we can start seizing the opportunities that COVID-19 has presented.


You can purchase my book right here.

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